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Since 1981 we have been supplying minerals, rocks and fossils to collectors, universities, schools and resellers as well as gemstone manufacturers around the world.

We looked for most of the minerals from our range ourselves on numerous excursions throughout Europe, Africa, North, Central and South America and Asia, or acquired them on site at the mine.

You too can benefit from our knowledge of the sites and our very extensive stock. An entire house dedicated to minerals is open to you to rummage through to your heart's content. After a short appointment, you are always welcome (unless we are out and about, see " Contact "). Otherwise, professional advice is guaranteed, as Mr. Dipl.-Geol. Jochen Hintze one of the most distinguished collectors at his side.

If you don't want to or can't visit us personally, you can visit our online shop, where you can view a large part of our range. However, for reasons of space, we only display a very small part of our individual stages in our online shop.
Of course, you are also free to use the traditional way of ordering by post or telephone!
You can receive all minerals by mail, with the exception of a very few marked pieces, which cannot be mailed due to their fragility.

In any case, please note our terms and conditions and your right of withdrawal .

Breaking News

At the beginning of this year we were asked several times what our travel plans were. Since we have now booked all flights, our travel plan looks like this:

Sri Lanka from 23.7. until 08/01/2023

USA from 5.9. until 19.9.2023

These mineral gathering and purchasing trips will be the last ones to these countries. Since we will stop shipping minerals at the end of 2024 for reasons of age, it makes little sense to bring in more minerals in 2024. !



Tonga soa Madagaskar: Eine Reise zu den mineralogischen Seltenheiten im tiefen Süden Madagaskars

Tonga soa Madagascar: A journey to the mineralogical rarities of the deep south of Madagascar

For several years now, we have been finding three mineralogical rarities in respectable quantities in the deepest province of the Red Island, nort...
Bei den Saphirschürfern von Sri Lanka

With the sapphire prospectors of Sri Lanka

For years I had been tempted to visit Sri Lanla - formerly called Ceylon - and explore the possibility of buying the beautiful sapphires. There are...
Tonga soa Madagaskar - die Saphirlagerstätte Zazafotsy

Tonga soa Madagascar - the Zazafotsy sapphire deposit

Deep in the south of the Big Red Island, about 40 km north of the town of Ihosy, is the village of Zazafotsy (translated "white child") on Route N...

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